He can become the happy and relaxed jock. But it has always been hard to win. When I told him that I had discovered that his nickname in the high school basketball team was "The Black Hole" because he was never passing the ball, he said that it was a good thing. was simple: he would have happily pitched the ball if he had seen anyone on the field with a higher percentage of shots, but he never did. "I tried to pass once, but the ball did not come back," he said.

For him, a key element of the formula for running against Trump is to be ready to attack him directly. He has had some experience in this area. It was March, at the meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, DC, and he was at the White House with the other governors for a lunch. Each year, some governors get up and ask questions. So, the day before the event, Inslee and some staff members wondered how to best use the odds.

The governor did not like their suggestions and ended up improvising a question inspired by his brother-in-law, a teacher, about the proposal Trump pleaded after the Parkland shootout to arm the rifle teachers. Inslee called it ridiculous. He told the president to stop tweeting and start listening. He watched the president's arms cross in his grumpy embrace, his hands pushed back behind his armpits, his elbows raised, his lips pursed. ("It's already carved on a mountain, it will not be Mount Rushmore, it will be Mount Petulant," said Inslee later. "And that's the pose. Other governors in the room were considering going into the presidential election. race. None of them said anything.

Want to know what Inslee 2020 looks like? Like that, he says.

"I'm really happy to be facing this person. I am comfortable in this conversation, "said Inslee. "To defeat Donald Trump, you have to do two things: first, you have to be dignified and you can help the United States become united again, and you can help the United States become the best angels rather than our inferior behavior. …[while] At the same time, he shows a strength of character and a fundamental belief that you will not be pushed or intimidated, and you have had him with his inferior human behavior. "

People who love Inslee – who have been loyal to him for years, who gush about him and his locker – know that it's a bit weird. Come on: he does not have name recognition. He did not do anything to get ready to run. There is no team of consultants; there is no operation.

But maybe?

"He never worked to become president. This was not his operational goal, "says Bonlender, outgoing director of the Commerce Department. "He would observe what the president was doing, no matter who the president, especially those he did not like, and would have no problem getting a better job."

The truth is that Inslee might not be in a much worse position than the so-called race leaders. They are hardly known, so he is not so far behind. It does not appear in any of the polls, but most of the people with whom the American public is playing have not been playing fantasy baseball for years.