Documentary about the devotees of Moby-Dick •


David Shaerf, a professor of English and Film at Oakland University, Michigan, is fond of Moby-Dick, Herman Melville. He is so fanatical that he has made a documentary about Moby Dick fanaticism. The film is entitled "Call me Ishmael"And in this document, Shaerf joins the devotees who gather each year in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to read Moby-Dick aloud, without stopping." He interviews Frank Stella, who has spent 15 years to create a work of art for each of the chapters of the book, he speaks with Laurie Anderson, who has made a live performance and a tour entitled "Songs and Stories by Moby-Dick", and Matt Kish, librarian / Illustrator who drew "Moby-Dick in Pictures: A Drawing for Each Page." Now, Shaerf is looking for help via Kickstarter to prepare Call Me Ishmael by releasing music, legal fees and the following. insurance before being able to send it to the distributor of the film.

It looks like a whale project and I can not wait to see the movie!

"Call us Ishmael" (Kickstarter, thanks Ora Pescovitz!)