"I do not want to be identified with this": And finally, some great evangelical donors are rethink their relationship with republicanism, L & # 39; AtlanticEmma Green reports.

Madeleine Carlisle and Olivia Paschal

2020 watch

Senator Elizabeth Warren addresses Massachusetts Statehouse journalists in Boston. (Elise Amendola / AP)

10 new factors shaping the 2020 Democratic primary (Edward-Isaac Dovere)

"For all the Democrats who are still throwing the bird on Obama, many also see in his presidency many missed opportunities. And if, for example, it included a public insurance option in Obamacare? And had it been harder on Wall Street after the crash? What if he had not provoked Trump this time at the White House Correspondents Dinner? → Read onot.

Elizabeth Warren does not want to be Hillary 2.0 (Edward-Isaac Dovere)

"According to Warren's associates who have spent the past year preparing it, she sees the road ahead as a long and painful task, where she gathers enough coalition between the Clinton and Sanders voters to win." → Read more.

Jay Inslee bets that he can win the presidency on climate change (Edward-Isaac Dovere)

"His campaign, as it stands, seems to be far more banal than the machines that Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have assembled slowly. For now, he seems to be able to count on his record and prepare for future battles against Trump by testing zingers like "I only want the best for Donald Trump, including the top bunk." → Read more.

New Year, New Congress

Elected Senator Mitt Romney crosses the Capitol Hill corridor in Washington, DC (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

Noisy arrival of Mitt Romney in Trump's Washington (McKay Coppins)

"That's not the way Romney envisioned his arrival in Washington when he ran for the Senate in February." → Read more.

Democrats Are Establishing a new house committee on the climate crisis (Robinson Meyer)

"But the new committee is coming to a delicate family situation within the Democratic Party. A number of activists to the left of the party have greeted the announcement with frustration. " → Read more.

Outlook L & # 39; Atlantic

President Donald Trump speaks at a Cabinet meeting at the White House. (Evan Vucci / AP)

What the Trump postponements reveal (Amy J. Rutenberg)

"Trump may have operated a system to get a medical adjournment he did not deserve. It is possible that his expectations of project avoidance led him to look for a sympathetic health professional. If that had been the case, his actions would have been morally suspect, but not unusual. " → Read onot.

What the press will not tell you about Elizabeth Warren's presidency (Peter Beinart)

"The best explanation of why Warren is generating excessive conservative criticism, and a disproportionate disapproval rate, has nothing to do with his progressive economic views or his lack of interest in testing." ; DNA. She is a woman. → Read more.