The FBI is investigating the theft of 18,000 documents related to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center by a computer hacking collective known as The Dark Overlord, according to The Dark Overlord. FT, citing two people familiar with the subject.

Under the name "The Dark Overlord", the hacker or hackers claimed on the eve of the New Year that they had taken e-mails and nondisclosure agreements regarding the 9/11 attacks that had been sent and received. by groups, including insurers. Hiscox and Lloyd's of London and the law firm Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, now called Husch Blackwell.

Dark Overlord said that he would sell the documents in bitcoin format, thus inviting Isis, al-Qaeda and nation-states to bid online. –FT

"Pay the fuck, or we will bury you with that.If you continue to fail us, we will escalate these releases by releasing the keys, whenever a Layer is opened, a new wave of responsibility will fall on you" , read the request letter from the hacking group.

"If you are part of the dozens of law firms involved in litigation, a politician involved in the case, a law enforcement agency involved in investigations, a management company property, an investment bank, a client of a client, a reference, a global insurer or any other person, we invite you to contact our email below and request that your documents and materials are officially removed from any public distribution of documents, however, you will pay us, "says the note.

Images of some documents began circulating on Wednesday after the group released decryption keys, which appear to indicate communications related to the World Trade Center.

The FBI is one of several law enforcement agencies currently investigating this violation, according to the FT. At the same time, Dark Overlord stated that he was under investigation and that he had also gathered other information from Lloyd's and Silverstein. Properties – founded by former WTC owner Larry Silverstein.

Hiscox Insurance said it became aware of the piracy last April.

"The law firm's systems are not connected to the Hiscox IT infrastructure and the Hiscox systems have not been affected by this incident," said a Hiscox spokesman. "One of the cases handled by the law firm on behalf of Hiscox and other insurers was related to litigation arising out of the events of September 11, and we believe that information was stolen during this period. violation."

"We will continue to work with British and American law enforcement on this issue," added the spokesman.

The September 11 attacks cost the insurance industry the equivalent of $ 45 billion in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute, and have resulted in years of litigation over who should bear the costs. .

Both Hiscox and Lloyd's have largely expanded their cyber insurance business in recent years, providing protection against the costs associated with dealing with cyber attacks.

Husch Blackwell said he was not hacked: "Several documents bearing the head of a previous law firm at Husch Blackwell were made public earlier this week by a cyber-terrorist group. ", the company said in a statement.

"After a thorough review, Husch Blackwell can confirm that no documents were obtained from Husch Blackwell and that there was no unauthorized access to his systems, client files, documents or data. " –FT

A Lloyd's spokesman said he had no evidence of a violation of their systems and said in a statement that "Lloyd's would continue to monitor the situation closely, including working with targeted management officers by the group of hackers ".

Silverstein Properties said the company was investigating claims for compensation and that it "knew of alleged security breaches in companies involved in the five-year litigation in the area of ​​insurance. 39, insurance following the September 11 attacks, "adding" To date, we have found no evidence to support a security breach in our business. Over the last 17 years, we have fulfilled our obligation to set up a magnificent and completely rebuilt world trade center. We will not be distracted by the 9/11 conspiracy theories. "