Consumer Reports: New advice on car rental insurance

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Are you planning a trip with a rental car? It's easy to find the car of the right size, but what about insurance additives? Do you have to buy extra coverage? Or are you already covered by your own policy? And if you think your credit card will always cover you, think again. Consumer Reports provides tips to save money on car rental insurance.

Consumer Reports indicates before renting a car that the coverage of your personal auto insurance is controlled. And also, by the credit card you will use. Credit cards can change their terms. For example, Discover has recently stopped offering car rental insurance. American Express, Chase and Citibank still offer, but check their terms and limitations. If your credit card is your primary coverage, its use could be an advantage.

In case of a claim, credit card insurance could be online to cover it and your own car insurance rates might not change.

Do not forget that to be covered by your credit card, you must pay the entire rental with this card and decline the protection of the rental agency.

However, if you rely on your own car insurance policy, remember that the rental will be covered under the same conditions as your car. So, check these terms carefully. For example, if your personal policy is not covered by a policy in the event of a collision, you should consider adding that of the car rental company. This can go up to $ 30 a day and the responsibility of $ 10 to $ 15 a day.

In the end, Andrea says peace of mind deserves research and extra coverage if needed for security reasons.

If you are traveling outside of the United States, it is quite possible that your personal insurance does not cover a rental car. In this case, your best option may be to obtain insurance from the rental company. Read the terms carefully and make sure that it covers your itinerary and your planned activities.

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