The Westside mini-warehouse is located at 6000 Green Mountain Drive. (Photo KATV)


Little Rock police are investigating a break-in at a storage facility last week.

According to LRPD, at least two units were robbed in the Westside mini-storage facilities between Friday and Sunday.

One of the victims is Josephine Herring, who claimed to have had $ 30,000 worth of stolen property to her unit. The items included a suitcase full of clothes, international cutlery, a bed, medicine books, and multiple bags filled with various belongings.

"I am frustrated, I am angry at what has happened," Herring said. "It's all my life."

Herring used the storage facility for his personal belongings only since December.

She is leaving Pleasant Pointe Apartments. The intention was to take pleasure in moving into his new apartment on January 2nd. But these plans were ruined because much of what she was carrying in her neighborhoods was stolen.

Management advised Herring to invest in its own tenant insurance.

The lease of the storage facility stipulates that the company assumes no liability for damaged or lost property, unless they were directly caused by an entity associated with the company itself. .

Colliers International, which manages the Westside Mini-Storage, has provided a statement by e-mail:

"On or about December 30, Westside Mini Storage broke into its premises. There was no obvious sign of intrusion and Westside's management team forwarded the activity log of the door to the LRPD detectives for the dates in question and collaborates fully in l & # 39; investigation. To date, two units have reported stolen property and we are contacting all tenants to make sure there are not any others. As new details become available during the investigation, Westside and its management company, Colliers International, will take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents from recurring. "

Insurance officer Nora May pointed out that, even though policies and claims vary from one company to another, it is still important to invest in a renter's insurance .

"If you have weapons, if you have a very good computer, sound systems – you can have individual items listed and you are assured of replacement value, which many people do not realize," May said. .

At the same time, Ms. Herring said that she was slightly misled by her previous conversations with management regarding the security of the storage facility.

"The previous director who was there, she said until now, they had no intrusion, nothing like that happened, so I trusted him it's more important that I trusted him. "