2016: Cheapest car to insure in the UK: Top 10: Vauxhall Corsa, Volkswagen UP


Now why is this topic important. Well, the legal driving age at which a person can obtain a full uk driving license is 17. Once we get a license, well for me at least, I wanted to buy a car as soon as possible. Most young people at this age want a car, a fast car to show off to their mates. However, in the UK at least, car insurance is mandatory. In fact, it is illegal to drive a car without insurance. At this age, insurance companies usually charge over £2000 just to insure a car. And that’s small engine cars let alone more powerful ones.

Today, we’ll look at what cars are the cheapest to insure. Now this depends on many factors. Including, the power of the engine, the more powerful it is the more its going to cost. As young drivers are inexperienced, insurance companies see an increased likelihood of an accident compared to less powerful engines which would be easier to control.

Another factor is how cheap and available are the parts to get for that car. The more cheaply made a car is, ie if most of it is from china and has a low manufacturing cost, the lower the insurance price. This is because, if an accident does occur, it means that it will be cheaper to repair as parts would cost less. This can limit the brand of car you buy. For example, german brands like audi are extremely well built with high quality parts. As a result, repairing these parts would cost more due to be built to a better quality with more expensive parts.

These factors are considered when deciding a group for a car. The lower the group, the cheaper the parts and the less powerful the car is therefore meaning a lower insurance cost.

Downshift has got together some of the cars of 2016 that have a low insurance group and that young drivers can buy to keep the cost of them being on the road low.

First is the Dacia sander. With a 1.2 litre engine this car costs £5995 brand new and is in group 2.

At number 2 is the Hyundai i10. A 1 litre group 1 stylish hatchback.

Number 3 is the Peugeout tipee. Has a 1.6 litre engine and belongs in group 2. If a large space is what you need for passengers this is the car for you.

Number 4 for the Renault twingo. Compact, stylish, easy turning circle. This will cost you £9495 brand new however.

Number 5; the seat mii. With an insurance group of 1 it has ample passenger room and boot space. However, its ugly as hell.

Skoda Citigo at number 6. 1 litre and in group 1. A very basic car, so if all you want is something to get you from A to B this will be for you.

Skoda Fabia is the next car. Stylish and models start from 1 litre. Its spacious and a good value for money.

Number 8, we got the smart four four. With the compactness and style of the original smart but with the benefit of being able to carry passengers.

Number 9, a very popular car, the Vauxhall corsa. Good space, stylish, well establish car manufacture, this is a demanded car. With models starting at 1 litre, this is an excellent buy.

Lastly, we have the Volkswagen Up. One of the cheapest cars to buy and insure and from the same manufacturer that gives us the popular Volkswagen golf an is also the owner of Bugatti.

Well, that’s our list for today, on our next video we’ll look at what young drivers can do tp get the cheapest insurance possible so subscribe to stay up to date with that.

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  1. Robert White

    Ooh Those are nice! The guy is talking rubbish. As usual the insurance companies are ignoring the cost of the vehicle driven. You can buy an older decent car for a lot less money than these piddling euroboxes. If you crash  its written off and you buy a new one! Saves us all money and nicer to drive.


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