12 Tips on How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

For more information on how to get cheap car insurance from top carriers like Geico, Progressive and more get your free quotes at Once you have gotten about 3-5 quotes, write them down.

Then, you can start calling different auto insurance companies and tell them what the competition has quoted you. This can be a great way to get a cheaper auto insurance rate.

*PS. the number in the video above has been disconnected as it is a bit old may be being used for something else, wanted to let you all know, the link above using the car insurance tips above should get you fast results.

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  1. The words ‘cheap insurance’ is really attractive. For us youngsters it is necessary that we are aware of all possible Insurance options, and such guidelines on cheap insurance can be really beneficial. 

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  3. Insurance companies aren't like cable companies; it's a competitive market and they have strong incentives to give you the best rates they can. Their main customer service reps will be able to give you the best rates the company can offer–it's definitely worth calling to do a review. I’m only paying $27/month with Insurance Panda. Rates are based on actuarial equations and the companies have pretty slim profit margins. Shopping around is always wise, even if you've been with a company for many years.

    Also, it's probably not wise to carry only minimal automotive liability coverage unless you have a larger umbrella liability policy for yourself. Medical expenses in the U.S. are outrageous–a simple fender bender could cost more than $25,000 if the person you hit tweaks their neck for example. If that happens your insurance company will simply pay out the policy limit and then you're on your own when you get sued for the rest of the medical expenses.

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